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GM Preferred Owner Terms and Conditions
Preferred Owner Card
Whalen Chevrolet is proud to announce our new Preferred Owner Program. With every dollar you spend in our service department we will apply 3% of your total bill to your preferred owner card in the form of award points. You can use your award points to purchase any goods and services at Whalen Chevrolet*. This is at no cost to you. Simply swipe your card at our cashier when you pick up your vehicle and we’ll take care of the rest. Come on in and ask your advisor to sign you up. Have our award winning service department show you how easy it is to maintain your vehicle. It’s quick, inexpensive and hassle free.
* Program Rules
·         1 Award point is equal to 1 dollar
·         Points cannot be redeemed for cash
·         Any items purchased with the preferred card cannot be returned for cash. All returned item’s value will be applied to the preferred card.
·         Your awards points can be used only for retail purchases at Whalen Chevrolet.
·         .
·         Awards points can be used in conjunction with other specials ans coupons.
·         All cards with 24 months of inactivity will expire.
·         Your preferred card can be used for any vehicle in your household.
·         Points can be earned only on cash purchases. You cannot accure points on warranty, insurance, or extended warrantiy purchases.
·         Whalen Chevrolet reserves the right to suspend or discontinue the program at any time.